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Can Ear Infection Cause Toothache?

Can Ear Infection Cause Toothache?

Can ear infection cause toothache? According to doctors, there are several reasons that can lead to toothache. In fact, it is said that over half the people who are affected by toothache have the same infection in their sinuses or cavities. The key cause for this is the cold virus. This infection can bring serious consequences as it can enter your nerve and your brain. You will know if you have this infection as you will feel some discomfort and pain when the cold virus enters your ear.

Can Ear Infection Cause Toothache
       Can Ear Infection Cause Toothache

Ear infection can cause pain and severe headaches. However, it is not serious when it comes to your health. But if you have the feeling of toothache coming on, do not panic. Just contact your doctor for proper guidance and treatment.

Foods that play a role to cause ear infection 

There are also certain types of food and beverages that can cause this kind of infection. Some foods such as canned fruits and soups can bring severe damages to your ears. You should limit your consumption of these foods because this can bring further damage to your teeth and ears. When you feel any discomfort and pain in your ears, you must stop eating those foods.

Water can also cause toothache. You must drink many of water as you can and then avoid tea and coffee because they can increase infection on your teeth. However, these can be replaced with water. Water can help you in flushing out bacteria that can cause infections.

Diet plan and toothache relationship

Your diet can also cause toothache. It is very important for you to keep your ears clean and fungus and bacteria from developing in your ears. You need to eat those items of food which are high in minerals and vitamins especially Vitamin B, Folic Acid, Calcium and Zinc. These vitamins and minerals can help you in building your immune system that will prevent the development of any infection. If an infection is in your ear, you must contact your, Physician.

If you want to know what ear infections cause toothache, a sinus infection can also cause pain in your ear. If you have an infection in the sinus, then maybe the sinuses would cause inflammation, and pus is produced. If left untreated, this can bring severe pain to your ear. The infection may infect any portion of the body like your ear especially.

Toothache can also be caused by tampons. If you frequently use tampons to clean your vagina, you can easily get an infection. The reason behind this is that the tampon traps moisture and heat in the outer part of the body. This can make your infection worse and can lead to severe pain in your ear. If you are not aware that you already have an infection, it is best to seek immediate treatment.

Earaches are common among women. They are characterized by pain in the ear especially when a person is bending over. There are many causes for ear infections and if you are experiencing these symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately. Knowing what can ear infections cause toothache will help you prevent this condition from becoming worse.

Some key factors that cause toothache

Having dental work can cause toothache especially when you have recently undergone a dental procedure. When your gums are irritated, a toothache can occur. This can be due to the medications or procedures you have had done to your teeth. Good oral hygiene is important so as to prevent toothaches.

Ear infections are commonly caused by allergies. If you are allergic to dust, pollen, or any other substance that can easily get into your airways, you are prone to developing an ear infection. Cancer treatments such as radiation are also known to cause ear infections. When you thought that you have this kind of problem, then you should contact your doctor.


Earaches can be painful but they can also be prevented. You need to maintain proper oral hygiene. Maintaining proper oral hygiene includes having a regular dental check-up and treating any infections you might have. You should also learn more about the causes of toothaches so you can know how to avoid having them. Knowing how an ear infection cause toothache can help you make better decisions.



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