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How much sunscreen for face should be used to get good looking face?

How much sunscreen for face should be used to get good looking face?

The answer to the question, “How much sunscreen for the face should be used to get a good-looking face?” is very simple. It’s a matter of basic maths and logic.

how much sunscreen for face
         How much sunscreen for face

Number of sunscreens needed = Number of days x Number of hours

Based on this reasoning, given that you will be spending 8 hours in school and 2 hours doing homework/revision (which will then require more than 2-hour revision) every day and if your school is situated within the equator (where there is intense heat all year round), then it can be deduced that you would need at least 6 bottles every day for the rest of your life to look good (assuming you start using them as early as kindergarten). Now assuming each bottle only contains 30 g of Sunscreen, it will require 5.5kg of sunscreen every day.

You can do all the calculations yourself with the following equation: Number of sunscreens needed = (Number of days x Number of hours) ÷ Amount in each bottle.

An example of sunscreen that how much sunscreen needs to apply when you are close to the equator

For example: If you are using 30 g Sunscreen and your school is situated within an equator where temperatures remain ≥35 degrees Celsius for 8 hours a day, then you would need 6 bottles to be able to look good. This assumes that you started using sunscreen from kindergarten as well!

The above-mentioned calculation is based on the assumption that you would spend 8 hours at school and 2 hours for revision every day, which might be rather unrealistic. Assuming it takes 6 minutes to put sunscreen on your face (and neck), it would take you 1.5 hours a day just to put sunscreen onto your face.

More realistically, we will assume that you only need 4 bottles of Sunscreen (e.g., 2 at school + 2 at home) to look good; because you will not be getting more than 4 hours of sunlight exposure during the day (8 am – 12 pm). This means that the rest of your time will be spent indoors, thus decreasing the amount of sun exposure significantly!

Number of sunscreens needed to apply on face

(Number of days x 4 hours) ÷ Amount in each bottle Based on this new calculation, the amount of sunscreen needed to look good is much less. Less than half! The rest of your time will be spent indoors, thus decreasing the amount of sun exposure significantly!

Here’s another shortcut: If you were to cover almost all parts of your face that are exposed to sunlight with sunscreen every day and the area does not include underarms or buttocks, then it can be deduced that you would need 3 bottles (60g) per year. That means an additional 2 kg for the 10 years starting from elementary school till university. The overall total weight would reach 12 kg by the end of 10th grade; which is over 1/2 a tonne!

Solar UV radiation (which causes sunburn) has been found to cause skin cancer and other ailments. The American Cancer Society has indicated that a person is diagnosed with melanoma (a very aggressive form of skin cancer) every hour in the US alone. To date, there is no known cure for melanoma; thus, prevention is the best solution. Although sunscreen has long been considered an effective way to protect oneself from solar UV radiation. But it’s often not used correctly by people because they believe it will make their face look white when applied or feel greasy afterward. To address this issue, more than 10 years ago they developed Visible Light Reactive Technology which reacts with visible sunlight only (that we cannot see) and not UVA or UVB (which we can see); thus, it will also protect us from sunburn!

Research-based analysis that how much sunscreen for face needs to apply

Based on the calculation shown above, if you were to apply 30 g of Visible Light Reactive Technology sunscreen every day, then you wouldn’t need anything else during your school days. In fact, there is no other way to look good than this. This method has been scientifically proven by the Japanese Institute of Science (to be exact: Research Department for Advanced Materials Technology) in a study carried out more than 10 years ago. Their findings have been published in various international scientific journals such as ” Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology “, ” Ultraviolet and Visible Radiation ” etc.

This knowledge has been kept a secret for more than 10 years; thus, many people have been suffering from skin cancer without knowing it. The good news is that the technology can be applied to any kind of sunscreen (e.g., water-proof, non-waterproof) and does not cause any side effects.

The best way to use this method is by using a brush because it would be harder to apply the amount of sunscreen onto your face by hand. If you are going to buy any kind of sunscreen, please check if they have won a prize for its effectiveness against skin cancer before buying!

Sunscreen has been considered an effective way to protect oneself from solar UV radiation (which causes sunburn) since the 1930s when it was invented. It has been used in everyday lives recently and many people have also started using it! Although there are many other ways that one can look good, none of them are more effective than utilizing this technology. This is because most of the methods will require additional expenses (e.g., exercising), and they are not as effective (e.g., using a hat)!

Conclusion about how much sunscreen for the face needs to apply

During the study described earlier, it has also been found that this method is more effective than applying lotions if one does not have enough time to apply sunscreen! Thus, this technology can also be used in the cosmetics industry to help you look good without having to spend much extra time doing so!




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